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About Me

Early Years

I grew up in Arizona, living in Phoenix as a child and going to Tucson for my undergraduate education. For schooling and training since then, I have lived in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Delaware.


The Present

I moved to West Virginia in 2008, and immediately fell for its charm. I love the pace of life, the temperate climate, the natural beauty, and the friendliness of its people.


Science Motivation

  • I think doing science for a profession is amazing. Finding clues about how the universe works and pushing knowledge forward are absolute pleasures!

  • My scientific motivation is to develop a theoretical understanding of fundamental physics that can be applied to real systems that are important to society as a whole. Plasma and space physics affords excellent opportunities to do so.

  • Teaching science, and helping others on their journey to become scientist, is enriching and fulfilling.


My Values

  • It is not a coincidence that the five universities I have been a student or employee at have all been land-grant universities. I value the land-grant mission. (The picture is from outreach at a 4th grade class.)

  • I have a sign in my office that says "I believe science can and should be done by people of all backgrounds." I believe that diversity enhances all endeavors, including science, and I believe that all should be treated equitably and inclusively.

  • I value logical and rational thinking.

  • I benefited greatly from colleagues that came before me, and now that I am at that career stage, I value helping early career scientists.



  • I enjoy traveling with my wife Julie, especially places I haven't been to before.  (The picture is from a trip to Iceland.)

  • I enjoy playing with my pet dog and bird.

  • I enjoy nature walks and hikes.

  • I enjoy cooking new things.

  • I enjoy many different styles of music.

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